About Castle Hill Duplex

Central Texas' #1 Duplex and Fourplex Broker Since 2004

Castle Hill Investments has been the leading Central Texas duplex, fourplex, and single family brokerage firm in terms of volume since it’s founding in 2004.

Broker/Owner Robert Grunnah founded Castle Hill Investments in 2004 to provide brokerage services to fellow investors in the Central Texas duplex community. By 2006, he was rated #1 Realtor in Austin out of 10,000+ agents by the Austin Business Journal, with over $60M in duplexes bought and sold. Since then, he's been a prominent voice for local investment property in local and national newspapers and magazines, and has created satellite investment arms in Dallas-Fort Worth and the Hudson Valley, NY.
Since 2004, the company has brokered nearly 2,100 transactions and is approaching $500M in overall sales volume. The company also actively trades duplexes and fourplexes on it's own account, and purchased a record 30 duplexes in 2018. For owners that do not want to go through the marketing process, this service has been a godsend.

For those that want to maximize their return and are willing to upgrade their property, our team offers turnkey renovation services as part of our brokerage offerings, the only firm in Austin to do this.

Regardless of your goals, Robert and his experienced team will assist you with professional, Best in Class representation that is unmatched by those competing in the industry - namely property managers, "regular" residential real estate agents, and "cheapie" brokerage firms that don't know the first thing about the unique whims of duplexes and fourplexes.

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